FOXROSE provides one-stop business communications by bring together broadcast fax, broadcast e-mail, and postal mail.

Why is FOXROSE different from other service providers?
FOXROSE prides itself on not acting like a large Telecommunication Company. We believe that clients deserve the level of customer service that used to be prevalent in the business community before the age of centralized service centers. At FOXROSE, clients receive one-on-one assistance with a service representative who knows who they are, what services they use, and can actually help them.

Other areas of differences include:

  1. Resolution - We offer our client's a choice between normal and fine resolution. We let you choose the appropriate image you want to convey based upon your target audience. Other service bureaus do not support both resolutions.
  2. Flexible Scheduling - Your faxes or e-mail message can go out immediately or tomorrow, whenever you decide. Other providers tell you when your message can go out.
  3. Mail Merge - We offer complete mail merge capabilities using Microsoft Word that allows you to fully customize each recipient's fax. Not all service providers have this capability to the extent that we do.
  4. List Confidentiality - Your fax numbers and E-Mail addresses are hot commodities today. At FOXROSE, we do not and will not sell any of your customer lists to third parties like other service bureaus do.
  5. 100% Delivery - Through a combination of delivery methods, we can ensure that everyone on your list receives your message. Other providers do not provide multiple delivery methods for your message.